Do Electric Blankets Pose a Safety Risk?

Although there are safety issues with electric blankets, there is a very little danger of fires or burns if you have a brand-new electric blanket.

The same cannot be said for outdated, defective, or misused electric blankets, which account for most occurrences in which electric blankets burn humans.

If you enjoy using an electric blanket while sleeping but are unsure of how old it is, think about purchasing a new one because:

The risk of fire and burns is decreased by the safety features included on modern electric blankets, like a rheostat control.
According to Columbia University, people aged 10 or older are responsible for 99 percent of all electric blanket fires.
Earlier blankets could

How to reduce any hazards to your safety

You can take the following actions to lessen the hazards associated with a potentially hazardous heated blanket:

On the blanket, look for a tag stating that it has undergone testing and been given the seal of approval from a nationally renowned independent testing organization, such as Underwriters Laboratories
Avoid purchasing a used electric blanket.
Avoid using blankets with extreme wear indicators including tears, stains, scorch marks, frayed electrical cords, or broken temperature controls.
Use caution when using an electric blanket that has loose or improperly fitted wires and attachments.
Show the light the blanket. Don’t use the blanket if there are embedded, broken, or misaligned heating wires.

How to safely use an electric blanket

Modern heating blankets are usually regarded as safe, but they must be used properly. Examples of appropriate usage include:

Switch off your blanket when not in use.
A single electric blanket should be used at a time.
Avoid using a heating pad and an electric blanket together.
Don’t plug your blanket into an electrical outlet that is controlled by a light switch to prevent unintentional activation.
An electric blanket shouldn’t be washed.
An electric blanket shouldn’t be dry cleaned.
Turn off your blanket before going to bed if it doesn’t have a timer.
Atop an electric blanket, never sit or lie.
Electric blanket edges shouldn’t be tucked under the mattress.
No piling

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