How to install an electrical outlet?

The Céliane Surface outlet has a flush-to-the-wall design: the front recedes when a plug is inserted. This grip is discreet and aesthetic. Find out how to install the Céliane Surface socket with earth.

List of materials and tools

To install an electrical outlet, you will need:

1 Céliane Surface outlet with earth
1 flat screwdriver
1 cutting pliers
1 wire stripper

For your safety

Before starting the installation of the electrical outlet, turn off the power at the general circuit breaker for your safety.

1: check the protection of the electrical circuit

In the electrical panel, locate the circuit on which you want to add an electrical outlet:
If protected by a 16 A circuit breaker, the circuit must have a maximum of 8 sockets, connected with a wire section of at least 1.5 mm².
If protected by a 20 A circuit breaker, the maximum is 12 sockets connected with a wire cross section of at least 2.5 mm².
If you exceed the number of outlets in the circuit, you must provide a new circuit breaker.

2: prepare the installation of the Céliane Surface socket

Pull the wires to the flush-mounted box intended to receive the plug, including:
A blue wire for the neutral
A green / yellow wire for the earth
A wire of another color for the phase
The flush-mounted box must have a depth of at least 40 mm.

 3: connect the electrical outlet

Strip the wires to a length of 12 mm.
The connection of the Surface socket terminals is automatic:
Connect the neutral wire to the blue terminal
The earth wire on the green terminal
The phase wire on the red terminal

Tip: If you need to disconnect a wire, just press the push button on the terminal and remove the wire.

4: complete the installation of the Céliane Surface socket

Place the plug in the flush-mounted box. Make sure it is perfectly horizontal using a spirit level if necessary.
Screw the plug.
Clip in the cover plate.

The installation of your Céliane Surface socket is finished!

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